Organizers and Participants

Submitted Talks:

“Intrinsic Properties of Properties” by Sam Cowling (Denison)

“Reductionism about Physical Magnitudes” by Marco Dees (Rutgers)

“Against Comparativism about Mass in Newtonian Gravity” by Niels Martens (Oxford)

“The Metaphysics of Dimensional Analysis” by Brad Skow (MIT)

Invited Speakers:

Maya Eddon – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

David Baker – University of Michigan

Jessica Wilson – University of Toronto

Cian Dorr – New York University

Keynote Address:

Brent Mundy – Syracuse


Conference Organizers:

Erica Shumener – New York University (Ph.D. Candidate)

Zee R Perry – New York University (Ph.D. Candidate)


Conference Sponsor:

The New York Institute of Philosophy